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Tried and tested: keeping the recycling wheels turning

The waste sector is working towards the circular economy. Vlakglas Recycling Nederland, ARN and Maltha/Van Gansewinkel show what the waste industry is all about: closing recycling loops. The three companies say how they contribute towards the circular economy.

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‘Waste must be allowed to cross borders’

European MP Jan Huitema, member of the Dutch liberal VVD party, in Europe part of the ALDE group, has set himself the task of improving European waste policy. ‘We must ensure that waste streams generate economic value and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to innovate.’

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Closing the glass recycling loop

Recycling has the wind in its sails. While the EU is ratcheting up its recycling targets and the value of secondary raw materials is widely applauded, the Netherlands is working to secure a key role as a ‘raw materials roundabout’. Momentum is building. Each waste stream follows its own pathway to...

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Circular advice to Brussels

What should the top priority be in Commissioner Frans Timmermans's circular economy package? The Dutch Waste Management Association put this question to Dutch and European players in the waste industry. Top of the European wish list were 'better implementation of existing legislation' and...

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