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Innovation and investment in the European circular economy

EuroDay 2016, an initiative by the DWMA and the Belgian Go4Circle, showcased several good examples of the circular economy. The conference showed that waste companies and governments are busily innovating and investing in the circular economy. Active cooperation is needed to implement the ambitious...

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BREF revision criticised

The EU’s Reference Document on Best Available Techniques (BREF) for Waste Incineration is under revision. Stakeholders involved in the process are increasingly concerned amid uncertainties about how the emissions standards will be set.

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Clarity on recycling statistics

Recycling statistics are often confusing. They are hard to compare and tend to reflect amounts collected rather than actual recycling rates. The European Commission wants greater clarity and has proposed a single uniform calculation methodology. The underlying principles are widely endorsed, but...

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Struvite included into the International Green Deal North Sea Resources Roundabout

After compost, PVC and non-ferrous metals from bottom ash, struvite will be the fourth secondary resource to be addressed within the International Green Deal North Sea Resources Roundabout (NSRR). Struvite is a specific mineral form of magnesium ammonium phosphate recovered from waste water. A...

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New WtE product deserves recycling label

Clean raw materials from bottom ash will soon be on the market in large quantities. The waste-to-energy (WtE) plants want them to be classified as recycling, just like the recovered metals, so that they count towards the recycling targets. This would do justice to the facts and promote the use of...

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