News from Europe and the waste sector

Interview with four waste CEOs: 'Europe must show ambition and give direction'

The previous European Commission wanted to give a boost to the circular economy, but the proposals fell victim to the new Commission’s red-tape-cutting mission. The promised new proposal must contain the same high recycling targets and create a level European playing field, say the CEOs of SITA,...

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Britain's waste policy: Learning from the Dutch

Journalist Liz Gyekye wanted to know what the UK could learn from the Dutch experience. The UK is in the same position as the Dutch were ten years ago in terms of recycling rates. After talking to Jarno Stet, City of Westminister waste services manager, Dick Hoogendoorn, DMWA director, and Robert...

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New emission requirements in preparation

The EU’s Reference Document on Best Available Techniques (BREF) for Waste Treatment is being revised. The Dutch waste sector and the Dutch government are closely involved in the revision. Key questions are whether the standards will be unreasonably high and whether the rules will match the latest...

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Tried and tested: closing the loop

The waste sector’s goal is a circular economy, an economy in which as little as possible is wasted. Closed loop thinking is not new to the industry; keeping materials flowing through the economy is the waste sector’s mission. Three waste companies explain how they are closing the loop.

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