News from Europe and the waste sector

DWMA's Annual Review 2013 published

The Dutch Waste Management Association (DWMA) has made the circular economy its key objective. With the aim of closing materials cycles as fully as possible, the members of the DWMA have developed into suppliers of expertise, raw materials and energy. The industry lies at the heart of the circular...

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Proposition: 'First implement EU waste policy, then set more stringent targets'

The European Commission is currently evaluating three waste directives. Now is the time to ratchet up the level of ambition, otherwise it will take too long to establish a circular economy. Or should we put policy on hold and focus our efforts on the many member states that are hopelessly behind...

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European Commission fully supports end-of-waste legislation for paper

On the 24th of October the Environment Committee of the European Parliament discussed the Regulation for end-of-waste for paper. Some Members of Parliament had doubts on the positive impacts of the Regulation after they had been confronted with surprising statements from the paper producing...

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European Commissioner Janez Potočnik talks about his core message

The main element in the Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe, published eighteen months ago, is recycling wastes into new raw materials. However, no concrete measures are yet in place to turn this ambition into practice. Despite this, European Commissioner Janez Potočnik is pursuing several...

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